Curriculum Development in Education (Ph.D.)

Curriculum development experts and researchers are trained in Curriculum Development in Education Doctorate Program. In accordance with the Graduate Regulation, applicants who wish to pursue a degree for PhD, must hold a M.A. degree. Also they must have ALES exam results and an English language proficiency score from accepted exams that meet the minimum criteria of the program.

Program provides the necessary knowledge, skill, method and view point that will transform theoretical knowledge, which is gained through master program into practice. It improves the research skills of individuals and contribute to the field by providing research based education to the ones who want to strengthen their knowledge in the field. It aims to improve the knowledge of teachers who work in ministerial institutions and to contribute to their professional development. It trains experts of curriculum and instruction who will work for Ministry of Education, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, private corporations and related departments of Education Faculties.

The graduates of Curriculum Development Doctorate Program can make comprehensive researches by using advanced level of research skills and contribute to the development of the field. By participating in national and international researches he/she can defend his/her opinions and researches of the field by using effective communication strategies, take the lead of these studies and bring innovations to the field. With the experts he/she can express his/her opinions in the discussions about the curriculum and instruction field and the system and policy of national education.

The language of instruction at this program is Turkish.


  1. Designing national and international research projects and take part in these projects
  2. Using interdisciplinary study skills
  3. Generating creative studies/products
  4. Evaluate the concepts and theories about curriculum development critically
  5. Monitoring the current literature about curriculum development
  6. Using appropriate curriculum design approaches in scientific research
  7. Using appropriate curriculum development models in scientific research
  8. Using appropriate curriculum evaluation models in scientific research
  9. Participating national and international curriculum development studies
  10. Conduct research that will contribute to the field of curriculum development
  11. Planning and implementing the instruction of courses in the field of curriculum development
  12. Evaluate studies about the formal (e.g. preschool, primary, secondary and higher education) and non-formal education programs in Turkey and around the world
  13. Evaluate the reflections of changes on education policies and programs on local and global levels
  14. Using information and communication technologies and research software in scientific research on advanced level