In the historical development process, the field of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) in Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences is to advance knowledge and to serve as the department level by best preparing the qualified staff at undergraduate and graduate level until 1982 to both Turkish Educational System and other universities

With the amendment to the Law of Council of Higher Education in 1982, C&I Department status has been changed into a division level; namely, the former name was coined as the Curriculum Development. One of the reasons for the amendment to Curriculum Development as a department level is the recent studies of MoNE to develop curricula at all educational levels, coherent with European Union (EU). It is a must to include an individual from the field of curriculum development in every commission of projects supported by EU or World Bank.

Since then, the division of Curriculum Development has better educated numerous valuable scientists and researchers to the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), various educational institutes as well as to Faculties of Education in Turkey. Recently, the division has also taken over an important mission to best educate the research assistants for newly-founded universities and improve their teaching profession abilities.

Besides, the division also delivers the lectures on Pedagogical Content Knowledge to the different programs of teacher education in the Faculty. Moreover, the researches and thesis in MSc. and PhD degree have been carried out in different areas and subjects of curriculum development.

The division of Curriculum Development has wide spectrums and research fields, such on one hand as Preschool, Primary, Secondary and, Higher Education Curriculum; on the other hand, instructional design, comparative education and the like.

With the constitutional regulation to the education in 1997, the Department of C&I became a division as a result of the re-arrangement of the Faculty of Education. Hereafter the re-arrangement, the undergraduate degree of C&I was outlawed; the graduate degree in MSc. and PhD. of the field has been carried out by the Graduate School of Educational Sciences. In 2007, the division has been re-arranged as a department named after “Department of Curriculum Development”. There were two divisions under the department of C&I: “Curriculum Development” and “Comparative Education,” and MA and Ph.D. programs are carried out in the division of Curriculum Development. With the very last amendment in 2016, the Department of Curriculum Development was re-turned to the Division named after the Curriculum and Instruction. Currently, the Division of Curriculum and Instruction has been carrying out its studies and researches under the Department of Educational Sciences.