To raise scientists who are secular, democratic, loyal to ethical values, questioning, problem-solver, productive, useful to society and environment and who can apply theory to practice in the field;  to make dissertations which are original in educational sciences, reliable and valid, culturally, artistically and scientifically valuable, useful to universal science and development of country.

In this milieu, our missions on education, research, management processes and administrative services, relationships with sector and society, and international relationships are listed below.


– To harmonize graduate programs of Department of Curriculum with international standards, to increase the quality of these programs for the needs of our country,
– To equip undergraduate students of other department in Faculty of Educational Sciences with qualifications so that they can be more effective and efficient in their professional career,
– To present graduate students of Department of Curriculum with continuous improvement possibilities that are necessary for them to participate in societal improvement efforts,
– To create mutual curriculum with Curriculum Departments of national and international higher education and research institutes by increasing interaction with them, to reach a more prestigious place in higher education and research,
– To supply opportunities so that dissertations of department can be turned into academic publications,
– To be efficient and guiding on development of curricula in Turkey.


– To follow change and developments in research and publications of Curriculum and its sub-fields.
– To support creation and distribution of scientific knowledge in the field of Curriculum and its sub-fields.
– To create a free and supportive work environment for faculty,
– To assure that research assistants professionalize on statistics and research so that they can become qualified researcher,
– To conduct projects with research assistants so that they can learn research on duty.

Management Processes and Administrative Services

– To adopt a common-targeted, participative and integrated management approach in process of fulfillment of such duties of department as “education”, “research” and “community service,”
– To increase efficiency of in and out-communication processes of department,
– To strengthen  department’s communication with students, academic and administrative staff, community, non-governmental organizations, graduates, public (Ministry of National Education, Council of Higher Education), private sector (industry, commerce, service) and international organizations,
– To improve working environment of academicians.

Relationships with Sector and Society, and International Relationships

– To carry out studies for sharing produced-knowledge with broad societal communities and decision makers,
– To help students for becoming individuals who are sensitive to human, society and nature and who shares knowledge with society,
– To execute studies for continuing activities for the educational needs of society,
– To pioneer in the wide use of scientific developments in community life and state structure,
– To create opportunities for self-improvement for those who work in education field.