To become a model to other faculties by raising qualified personnel on educational sciences for them with enriched academic staff, qualified graduate programs; to contribute to the development of country by guiding educational policies in the light of researches conducted.

In this perspective, our visions on education, research, management processes and administrative services, and relationships with sector and society, and international relationships are listed below.


Vision of Department of Curriculum on “education” is to be a department which

– Raises its students as effective professionals who are amenable citizens, endowed with global values and who believe in the importance of life-long learning,
– Provides contemporary curricula based on the cooperation of disciplines under educational sciences,
– Puts student-centered teaching approaches into practice by making use of contemporary instructional technologies,
– Creates interactive and distance learning environments by providing national and international academic cooperation,
– Employs instructional methods that orient students to research,
– Is always among one of the most respected departments of curriculum of universities of the world.


Vision of Department of Curriculum on “research” is to be a department which

– Constructs policies on sub-disciplines regarding curriculum and instruction processes, leads on research and publication,
– Supports construction of policies on sub-disciplines of our country’s curricula,
– Cooperates with national and international organizations and institutes of the field, undertakes joint projects and becomes a prestigious member of mutual organizations,
– Conducts studies to understand educational reality first and then improve it continuously by using scientific methods and techniques,
– Produces scientific innovations that are useful to humanity on Curriculum,
– Plans and conducts scientific researches; shares results of such studies with community,
– Is successful and respected on scientific research in the world’s research platform.

Management Processes and Administrative Services

Vision of Department of Curriculum on “management processes and administrative services” is to be a department which

– Employs a participative management example with its divisions in order to be a strong department on education, research and community service,
– Is continuously in a constructive relationship with its divisions; constructs a strong management structure.

Relationships with Sector and Society, and International Relationships

Vision of Department of Curriculum on “relationships with sector and society, and international relationships” is to be a department which

– Contributes to the improvement of life quality with scientific and societal responsibility projects by taking an effective role on relationships with local, national and international public and private institutions,
– Serves as a learning center to the community in which the department is involved continuously and effectively.